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Half day hikes

Up to 4 hours long

6000xpf ($60usd) / pers


The boulder of mystery


A physical hike through various environments with views into two valleys and across to Tahiti. The boulder of mystery is an impressive sight and holds a commanding presence.




3 Coconut Pass

Opunohu Valley

Rewarding views of Mo'orea's crater and out to the islands south-west coast. Well-maintained forest trail ending with a steady climb to its highest point.




DJI Albumpanorama_1627870409774.jpg

3 Pines Viewpoint

Opunohu Valley

A beautiful forest trail visiting archaeological sites with panoramic views of Mount Rotui and the two bays.




Vaioro Waterfall, Atira'a valley


A short hike through lush tropical forest to a waterfall deep enough to cool off in.

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