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1. What is the difficulty level of the guided hikes in Moorea?

There are hikes for a wide variety of levels on Moorea, from relatively simple walks on maintained trails, to physical and technical hiking through tricky terrain.

2. How long are the guided hikes in Moorea?

As short as 2 hours in and out to a beautiful waterfall, or up to full-day summit hikes.

3. What is the average group size for the guided hikes?

I prefer smaller groups for a more personal hiking experience. 2-6 people usually works best. Minimum 2 hikers.

4. What is the cost of a guided hike in Moorea?

1/2-day hikes (<4hrs) cost 6000xpf or $60USD per person

Full-day hikes (>4hrs) cost 12000xpf or $120USD per person

Minimum 2 pax

5. Are there any age restrictions for participating in guided hikes?

Age restrictions depend on the hiking trail involved and the hiking experience, and physical condition of the participant.

6. What should I bring with me on a guided hike in Moorea?
  • Good footwear (no flip-flops!)

  • Enough water for the hike (Min 1.5L for 1/2-day or 3L for full-day hikes)

  • A snack or meal for the trail

  • Sunscreen and hat

  • Rain jacket and waterproofing for electronics

7. Are meals provided during the guided hikes?

No, meals are not included. I will have dried fruit for the trail and fresh fruit to eat at a pause along the way, but hikers should bring a sandwich or a snack.

8. Do I need to have previous hiking experience to join a guided hike?

Previous experience is a plus, but there are trails suitable for beginners too.

9. Are there any specific clothing or gear requirements for the guided hikes?


  • Good footwear is essential (No flip-flops!)

  • Gloves and long pants are highly recommended for some hikes involving ropes and scratchy vegetation

  • Ridge lines can be exposed to sunshine, so hats and sunglasses will help

  • For dangerous sections, I have harnesses if necessary

10. Are there any safety precautions in place during the guided hikes?

Safety is very important when hiking on Moorea. I have a first-aid kit (with first-aid training), rope, and harness (with alpine technique training) and local knowledge of dangers to avoid and mitigate.

11. Can I book a private guided hike for a small group?

Yes. Contact me to ask about private group rates.

12. Are the guided hikes suitable for solo travelers?

There is a 2-person minimum for guided hikes, so a solo traveler will need to pay for 2.

13. Can I bring my camera or phone to capture the scenery during the guided hikes?

Yes, absolutely. Souvenirs of dramatic views and lush forest landscapes should be captured and shared! I will also take photos and share them with you after the hike.

14. Are there restroom facilities available during the guided hikes?

No. There are very few public restroom facilities on Moorea. I recommend you try to use those at your place of accommodation before the hike.

15. How do I make a reservation for a guided hike in Moorea?


WhatsApp: +689 89 32 79 93

16. Are there any cancellation policies or refund options for guided hikes?

Cancellation refunds:

>72 hours before hike       = 100% refund

72>24 hours before hike     = 50% refund

<24 hours before hikes      = No refund

Cancellation due to weather = 100% refund

17. Are the guided hikes affected by weather conditions?

Yes. Some hikes are still possible in light rain, others require near-perfect conditions. We will adapt to the conditions, and possibly change the hiking trail accordingly.

18. Are there any options for accommodation before or after the hike?

Yes, we have a small A-Frame cabin available on Airbnb. Click here to check it out... Mou'a Tapu Hideaway

19. Can the guided hikes be customised to fit specific preferences or interests?

Yes. For those that want to learn about local culture or the natural environment, we can pause and discuss. Bird watching? Bring your binoculars and we'll be as quiet as possible! Are you here for a physical challenge? We'll talk less and hike more. It's up to you!

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